Alan Foundation | Let’s Make An Inclusive Tomorrow
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ALAN T21 Welfare Trust

An Indian charitable organisation,
serving individuals with Down Syndrome


Inclusive Living

Spread awareness in society creating
acceptance, respect and right of
wellbeing for Down Syndrome

Our Founder

Ms Rincy Joseph is the Founder & Chairperson of ALAN T21 Welfare Trust. She is a medical professional, a nurse specialist in Maternal and Fetal- Medicine, a Counsellor and the proud mother of Alan Joseph, a child born with Trisomy 21. She is also the author of a book ‘Life @ 10’.

Ms. Joseph through the mental trauma of negative counseling and the social stigma, initially grieved her son’s condition and the severe drawbacks the disorder brings with it, took an inspiration from all her struggles and decided to put in all her effort to nurture her child.

The positive impact of Alan’s life is the motivation that Ms. Joseph stands out of the crowd to help other children born with the same condition and their families. She says, “Not a single parent should be left helpless who wish to do their best for a child born with Trisomy 21”.

The organisation is sprouted from the vast medical knowledge and life experience of Ms Joseph who ignored every odds and raised her child with Trisomy 21 along with his siblings achieving his best potential at every stage of life.

Quick Overview

Who we are?

ALAN (Aspire Life And Nurture) T21 Welfare Trust is a charitable organisation located in the central part of Kerala, serving Individuals with Down Syndrome and their families.

What we do?

Our main focus is on spreading awareness and advocacy. Due a lack of awareness about Down syndrome, families of those afflicted by this disorder are unable to help their child.

Affiliated Organizations

We work in partnership with Down Syndrome International, Federation of Down Syndrome, India, Association of the Intellectually Disabled &  Special Olympics Bharat, Kerala