Alan Foundation | Chairman Speak
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Chairman Speak

Rincy Joseph

Founder & Chairperson

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi.

People with Down Syndrome also known as Trisomy 21 are individuals who can lead a life ‘close to normal’ if they are given the best support from birth. My Journey with Alan is a witness for this statement. People born with the extra chromosomes might be slow to grow in their early life. They may have more sickness and medical problems than other individuals. But through proper screening, early detection, early intervention and support from family and society these individuals can develop their strengths, accelerate their potentials and can reach great heights.

But the reality of our present society is of negative attitudes resulting in low expectations, discrimination and exclusion, creating isolation and segregation of children and adults with Down syndrome from their peers which is a barrier to successful integration.

It is noted in today’s society that much importance is placed on the intellectual development of a child and less is given to the moral and emotional quotient. This is the major reason for life failures inspite of professional excellence. But where children with Down syndrome and other disabilities are given opportunities to participate along side with their peers, all children benefit from this and environments of friendship, acceptance, respect for everyone and high expectations are created.

Inclusion is the best remedy for most of the egocentric problems in today’s world. It is a two way process that benefits all. The growing rates of disabilities are alarming but proactive steps, awareness in society, creating postive attitudes and enforcement of law is necessary for the welfare of the differently abled individuals.

May I request all good hearted individuals to stand for this noble cause and be the ‘Voice For the Voiceless’ enabling them to lead a better life.