Alan Foundation | What we do?
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What we do?


Presently, Our main focus is on spreading awareness and advocacy. Due a lack of awareness about Down syndrome, families of those afflicted by this disorder are unable to help their child. In fact, they themselves are not able to deal with it effectively, in the first place. This eventually leads to a burn out and the parents not being able to guide their child properly.

Our team of experts here, not only apprise the parents and families of the current trends and treatment plans, but also offer logistic support, voluntarily. The social stigma and negative attitude is another major concern for the development of individuals having Trisomy21.

We therefore invest our time and expertise into this aspect of change through:

3 Major Focus Areas

  • Parental & sibling counseling/training Programme
  • Public awareness Programme
  • Advocacy
  • Parent support Network
  • Social Gathering
  • Entertainment, Games & Recreation
  • Multiple Rehabilitation Therapies including:
    • Physical,
    • Social and
    • Cognitive Development
  • Help Organize Daily Life
  • Behavioral Modification
  • Nurture Home Preschool to promote Inclusive Education
  • Vocational Therapy
  • Facilitate for Job Placements