Alan Foundation | Overview
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About the Trust

ALAN (Aspire Life And Nurture) T21 Welfare Trust is a charitable organisation located in the central part of Kerala, one of the southern states in India. We serving Individuals with Down Syndrome and their families. We are one of the Pioneers in the state of Kerala promoting ‘Inclusive Living’. Through various awareness events and public gatherings we have put our footstep into our society in creating acceptance, respect and right of wellbeing for individuals with Down Syndrome.

ALAN T21 Welfare Trust supports all persons with Down syndrome in achieving their full potential.

In fulfilling our mission, we will:

  • Provide families with Down syndrome members with information and resources to enable them to access and evaluate appropriate services.
  • Educate the public about Down syndrome.
  • Address social policy issues and challenges facing the Down syndrome community.
  • Facilitate and encourage active participation by self-advocates and families in the delivery of education, vocational, residential and other services for persons with Down syndrome.
Our Mission

To promote quality life for people born with Intellectual Disabilities especially Down Syndrome through early detection, early intervention, inclusion in families and society, education of public and facilitating self advocacy. We aim to develop every children become as self-sufficient as possible and educate them within the limits of their ability and integrate them into the wider world. We try to ensure every child’s right to be accepted as valued members of the community.

Our Vision

“To empower children with Intellectual Challenges to achieve their highest potential, integrate them into the community and create an Inclusive Society”